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Victor Gold Champion Feather Shuttlecocks
In Stock
RRP: £36.00 | Save 31%
  • Goose Feather
  • BWF Approved
  • Official Shuttle in Germany
  • First Quality Feather
  • Hand and Machine Tested
  • Maximum Flight Stability
  • Durable
Direct Sports are the UK's number 1 shuttle supplier. We promise the lowest cost and delivery price. We always offer shuttles at the best prices but equally as important, the best quality. As badminton players we understand that storing the shuttles correctly is key to maintaining the quality. When we moved to our Wynyard facility in 2007 a shuttle policy was created to ensure correct storage, stock rotation and protection from heat, damp and daylight. This has reduced defective and poor performing shuttles to a negligible figure. We are proud to offer high quality shuttles at low prices with fast delivery.

Victor Gold Champion Feather Shuttlecocks are a top quality goose feather shuttle. Hand and machine tested after a meticulous manufacturing process to produce a shuttle with good durability and high flight consistency. The shuttle of choice in Germany and several important tournaments.

Victor Gold Champion are the cheapest BWF Tournament approved shuttle that we stock, used in Super Series events. This guarantees the quality, durability and flight from this excellent shuttle

12 Shuttles Per Tube

2-3 Days Delivery £2.99

Next Day Delivery £4.99

Free Delivery on orders over £50

Timed and weekend services available at checkout.

Great shuttles at a good price. Delivered quickly. Happy customer
The Gold Champion shuttle is a great value for money shuttle when comparing against something like the AS30 or 40. The durability is very good and the playability is great. During an hour singles/six games we use approximately four shuttles. Have noticed a few clubs in our league starting to use these now as well.
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